Christopher Jordan – M.A. 2018

Christopher Jordan – M.A. 2018

Posted on April 10, 2019

Assistant Director for the College of Arts & Sciences Advising Center at UNCG
Communication Studies Masters Student Graduate – May 2018

Christopher Jordan received both his BA and MA degrees in Communication Studies at UNC Greensboro. As a CST undergrad, he learned to value the significance of using his voice, and the power of communication in everyday life. He explained, “There was and is always a big focus on how communication permeates our everyday lives and how we can understand and use it.” Chris says that his favorite CST undergraduate professors were Dr. Jessica McCall and Dr. Cerise Glenn.

Dr. McCall was one of the main reasons why Chris entered the graduate program
in Fall of 2016. He says that Dr. McCall always brings a positive spin to a situation and
is willing to help students as much as she can. In the graduate program, Chris decided that he would like to further put into practice what he was learning from the CST program, so he went to study intercultural Communication in Finland. With the support of the faculty (especially Dr. Natalle), Chris was gained many practical intercultural communication skills.

Upon returning from Finland, Chris completed his capstone, “From Start to Finnish: Humor as Cultural Adaptation to Finnish Culture” (which was about using Humor as cultural adaptation into Finnish culture). Since graduating in May 2018, Chris has been employed by UNCG in the College of Arts & Sciences Advising Center. Part of his employment includes teaching a CST 105 course. When asked how Chris feels about his many transitions throughout UNCG, he replied: “UNCG is my home, it has been for so long, and I wasn’t ready to leave home just yet.”