Michele Boley Phillips – B.A. 2015

Michele Boley Phillips – B.A. 2015

After working hard and successfully building her professional career and reputation, Michele Boley Phillips found herself without a job due to a merger. She was at a crossroads of either reestablishing her reputation within a new organization in hopes of advancement or going back to school to obtain a degree that would give her that step up. Michele knew the positions she desired generally required a college degree regardless of experience. Without a degree, opportunities for advancement are limited. Ultimately, with advice from a couple of mentors and much thought, she made the choice to return to school.

Her professional experience had provided her with a background in public speaking, marketing, operations, sales and advertising, and management. Earning a B.A.in Communication Studies, CST, will enable her to further enhance many of those skills and will allow her to apply her gained knowledge in real world experiences.

During her student career, she has been accepted as a member of several prestigious college organizations, the CST Honors Society Lambda Pi Eta, Alpha Lambda Delta and a University Marshall. All of which are honor organizations and granted to those deserving students that maintain high standards in all areas while on campus. Even recently, Michele was recognized and chosen to receive the David E Johnson Scholarship, a Communication Studies Scholarship.

Michele takes UNCG’s challenge of ‘Doing something bigger altogether’ to heart. The University wants students to focus on bringing what they learn to life in order to make a difference not just for themselves but for others around them. She has learned the importance of civic engagement and community service. Michele exhibits this by volunteering her time to work in The Edible Garden for the homeless at the Interactive Resource Center in downtown Greensboro. It has also given her the opportunity to better understand diversity and see others through different lenses. She strives to make a difference and be an advocate of justice.

Michele recommends a Communication Studies degree to all undecided majors because the majority of employers desire good communication skills in employees and include that requirement on many job descriptions. The CST Department encourages development of both verbal and written communications while giving you the skills to clearly articulate in all areas.

When asked about her personal experience within the department she emphatically said, “In my time as a student at UNCG, I have been impressed by the professors that have pushed me to meet and exceed challenges, and to contribute my experience into the team projects I was given. I have been inspired by what I have learned from the diverse perspectives of others, and am learning how to be a highly confident leader. I have established life-long relationships here that have affected me positively as a person.”

Upon graduation, Michele is looking forward to moving back home to the Raleigh area and finding a position in operations, project management, recruiting or even a start-up company as long as she gets to work directly with people which is her passion.


–written by Krista Byrd Ragsdale