B.A. Alumni Stories

Christine Marcocci – Class of 2017

Digital Marketing Specialist, Townsquare Interactive

“At the company I work for, we help small and medium size business owners create and maintain their online presence. We have different packages that tailor to each individual client! We do everything from building a website starting from scratch, to transferring domains into our account and re-designing their current website. When it comes to my day-to-day work, I am in charge in handling businesses that can grow to over 200 clients. I speak to these business owners about once a month to make sure we are staying up to date with any specials they may have, new pictures they want to add to the site, updated hours—you name it! It is my job to be proactive and think of what these business owners truly need in order to show up online and stay above their competition.

I believe that my CST degree prepared me for my job in several important ways. I think the biggest challenge I had in my classes was to be organized and on top of my work. All my CST professors were strict on sticking to a schedule/calendar, and that worked for me. Now in the workplace, I’ve carried that skill over and it’s set me up for success. In every CST class I’ve taken we were put into positions where we are asked to step out of our comfort zone, whether that be to pair up with a new person we’ve never met before or do a project with a group of people we’ve never talked to. This allowed me to adjust and become comfortable talking to the people in the class I may have never gotten a chance to know if it wasn’t for ‘that one project.’ Now, in the workplace I’m consistently meeting new people and learning to work with people from different teams and sections of the company. I definitely owe it to the CST department at UNCG for helping me step up and collaborate with new people. This has helped me grow as a student and now as a professional.”