B.A. Alumni Stories

Coleman Pannell – Class of 2013

Coleman Pannell graduated from UNCG in 2013 with a B.A. in Communication Studies. During his time at UNCG, he experienced many challenges and life changing experiences. He started a Pre-Nursing major but soon changed to Communication Studies at the end of his sophomore year. During his freshman year, he joined Pi Kappa Phi fraternity in the spring of 2008. During his time pledging, he was Pledge Class President and also initiated with honors. He was also the fraternity representative for IFC and then became IFC scholarship chair. As his sophomore year came to a close, a great new opportunity presented itself. He was placed unopposed into the Pi Kapp Phi Presidential position. The new position would lead to many great opportunities for success and failure. During his time as President, Coleman oversaw a 100% growth in membership and retention, which was a great success given the dire need to boost membership and the ability to pay dues and be a competitive fraternity on UNCG’s campus. Despite the success Coleman had in the fraternity, at the close of his junior year he made the choice to take some time off to collect himself. During his year and a half away from UNCG, he worked and discovered a passion for the restaurant industry.  In the spring of 2013, Coleman came back to finish up his degree.

Now that his time at UNCG is over, Coleman still finds time to return to his Alma Mater and catch up with his fraternity brothers. He is currently working in the restaurant business pursuing a career as a restaurant manager and hopefully one day will be an area director. He is also studying for the GRE in hopes of getting a marketing or business Master degree. His time at UNCG was very special to him and not a day goes by that he doesn’t miss those days walking down Spring Garden Street or getting lunch at Old Towne.

–written by Miranda Rouse