Jenni Simon, Ph.D.

Jenni Simon, Ph.D.

Jenni Simon

Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies
116 Ferguson Building

Specializations: Social Movement, Gender, Political Communication and Media Studies


  • Ph.D, University of Denver
  • M.A. Wichita State University
  • B.A. Wichita State University

Scholarly interests:

Social Movement, Gender, Political Communication, Critical and Media Studies

Courses Taught:

  • CST105 Introduction to Communication Studies
  • CST 200 Communication and Society
  • CST 300 Communication Theory
  • CST 460 Disney & Relationships

Recent Research:

First Ladies, Presidents, and Romance & Entertainment


Michelle Obama: American Rhetor
Consuming Desire and Agency: Stories of Love. Laughter and Empowerment

Journal Articles:

Simon, J. and Brooks, A. (2016). Michelle and the Media: The “First” Coverage of the First Lady Women and Language (projected Spring of 2018).

Foust, C.R., and Simon, J. (2015). Memories of Movement in a Postfeminist Context:
Conservative Fusion in the Rhetoric of Tammy Bruce and “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger. Western Journal of Communication, 79, 1– 21.

Simon, J. (2014). Disciplining Drunken Mothers: Media Representations of women’s use of alcohol. Communication Review, 17, 45 – 64.

Simon, J. (2010). Locating Gender and Resistance Through a Feminist Application of Gramsci’s “Organic Intellectual”: An Analysis of Time Magazine ‘s 2002 “Person(s) of the Year”. Southern Journal of Communication, 78, 56 – 69.

Book Chapters:

Michelle Obama Reaching Higher to Lead and Serve Community, in Natalle, E.J.  and Simon, J. (eds). (2015).  Michelle Obama: American Rhetor,  Lexington Books, p. 103-118

Book Reviews:

Simon, J. (2015). Teaching Communication Activism: Communication Education for Social Justice. Partnerships, 6


Academic Advising, Harriet Elliot Lecture Series, Reviewer for Feminist and Media Studies and Western Journal of Communication.

Advocacy in Community Engagement Activities

Affiliations: National Communication Association, Southern States Communication Association.