M.A. Alumni Stories

Donata Nelson

Donata Nelson – Class of 2005

I grew up in Poland and came to the United States as an exchange student in high school. I was offered a scholarship to a small private college in Ohio and chose Communication Studies as my major. After graduation I my first few jobs were in office administration which built on my experience from work-study. I decide to continue my education on the Master’s level after I got a position on staff with one of the private colleges in Greensboro.

My advance degree and my prior administrative experience has led to a position as a program manager for a non-profit. My background in communication has helped me facilitate good working relationships using knowledge from business communication courses.

The basic knowledge of marketing made me an asset as we can produce marketing materials in house. Probably the most valuable skill is the ability to adapt to various cultures and communicate with them effectively as I work in a highly diverse environment.