B.A. Alumni Stories

Ena Turkic – Class of 2013

Ena Turkic graduated UNCG in 2013 with a major in Communication Studies. During her years at UNCG, Ena was a member of the sorority Chi Omega. After graduation, her plan was to work in Public Relations or Human Resources. She knew she wanted to work with people and a company that had room to grow in. Her current position is at a non-profit company as a Resource Development Office Coordinator.

The number one skill she gained from attending UNCG was the time in her sorority. She did gain skills from her classes, but the real life situations came from being on the executive board in her sorority. From her sorority, she learned to be determined and realized that her resume and skills will not please every employer. Her biggest obstacle after graduating was finding a job. Ena’s first job was working as a real estate assistant, but it was not a job she had potential for career growth so she continued searching for other jobs. It took her 4 months to find a more stable position, but she overcame that obstacle by not giving up. Ena learned that taking rejection from companies is a part of life that everyone goes through. Having a degree in Communication Studies at UNCG has helped Ena to stand out in interviews. Ena’s degree has helped her a lot in her job right now, where she works in the Resource Development department. She has to speak with a lot of donors and potential donors, therefore being able to handle different ways that people communicate is essential and something she learned from communication classes at UNCG.

The most enjoyable part of her job is seeing what a difference the money that she helps raise makes for everyone that benefits from it. The advice Ena would give for finding a job is to be persistent. She found sharing her major projects that she accomplished in CST classes to be very helpful. Another tip Ena gives is to not be afraid to bring up school projects, because most likely you won’t have that long-term experience to share. In the future, Ena hopes to be working at a different non-profit organization in the resource development department.


–written by Jenna Young