Faculty and Staff

Etsuko Kinefuchi

Associate Professor

Office: 105 Ferguson Building
Phone: 336-334-5297
Email: e_kinefu@uncg.edu


  • Ph.D., Arizona State University
  • M.A., Oregon State University
  • B.A., Oregon State University

Scholarly interests:

Critical inter/cultural communication, ecology and culture, ecofeminism, critical discourse analysis, social movement, cultural identities, multiculturalism and pedagogy, transnationalism and diaspora, building intercultural alliances.

Courses taught:

  • CST 200 Communication and Community
  • CST 399 Communication Research Methods
  • CST 337 Intercultural Communication
  • CST 602 Engaging Communication Research Methodology
  • CST 635 Identity, Culture, and Communication

Recent publications:

Kinefuchi, E. & Cruz, G. (2015). The Mexicans in the news: Representation of Mexican immigrants in the Internet news media. The Howard Journal of Communications, 26(4), 333-351. doi:10.1080/10646175.2015.1049759

Kinefuchi, E. (2015). Nuclear power for good: Articulations in Japan’s nuclear power hegemony. Communication, Culture, and Critique, 8(3), 448-465. doi: 10.1111/cccr.12092

Kinefuchi, E. (2011). Finding home in migration: Montagnard refugees and post-migration identity. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, 3(3), 228-248.

Kinefuchi, E. (2010). Layers of Nikkei: Japanese diaspora and World War II. In Rona T. Halualani and Thomas K. Nakayama (Ed.), The Blackwell Handbook of Critical Intercultural Communication (pp. 495-516). Blackwell. (Invited contribution).

Kinefuchi, E. (2010). Critical consciousness and critical service-learning at the intersection of personal and structural. Journal of Applied Learning in Higher Education, 2, 81-97.

Kinefuchi, E. (2010). Finding home in migration: Montagnard refugees and post-migration identity. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, (3), 228-248.

Kinefuchi, E. (2009). Challenges of E pluribus unum: Ethnic and racial diversity and public policy. In E. E. Peterson (Eds.), Communication and Public Policy: Proceedings of the 2008 International Colloquium on Communication (pp. 45-54). Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries, Virginia Tech. Available at: http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejournals/ICC/2008/

Kinefuchi, E. (2009). From authenticity to geographies: Unpacking Japaneseness in the construction of Nikkeijin identity. In L.A. Flores, B. J. Allen, & M. P. Orbe (Eds.), Intercultural communication in a transnational world (International and Intercultural Communication Annual, 31) (pp. 91-119). (National Communication Association publication)

Kinefuchi, E. (2009). Challenges of ethnic and racial diversity: Dominant narratives and public policy. Urgent Problems of Communication and Culture, Vol. 8, Pyatigorsk, Russia: Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University.

Kinefuchi, E. & Orbe, M. P. (2008). Situating oneself in racialized world: Understanding student reactions to Crash through standpoint theory and context-positionality frame. Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, 1(1), 70-90.

Kinefuchi, E. (2008). What’s (not) in a Label?:  Understanding Korean American Adoptee Identity through Self-Identified Labels. In L. A. Samovar, R. E. Porter, & E. R. McDaniel (eds.), Intercultural communication: A reader (12th ed.) (pp. 104-115)Belmont, CA: Thompson.

Orbe, M. P. & Kinefuchi, E. (2008). Crash under investigation: Engaging complications of complicity, coherence, and implicature through critical analysis. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 25(2), 135-156.

Fujimoto, E.  (2002).  Japaneseness, whiteness, and the Other in Japan’s Internationalization.  In M. J. Collier (Ed.),  Internationalization, culture, and communication: International and Intercultural Communication Annual, 24 (pp. 1-24).  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Fujimoto, E. (2002).  South Korean Adoptees Growing Up in White America: Negotiating Race and Culture.  In J. Martin, T. K. Nakayama, & L. A. Flores (Eds.), Readings in cultural contexts (2nd ed) (pp. 266-275). Mountain View, CA: Mayfield Publishing.


  • Study Abroad Committee, UNCG, member
  • The Interactive Resource Center, Greensboro, NC, Board of Directors
  • Refugee and Immigrant Network of Guilford, Greensboro, NC, Board of Directors
  • Scholarship Committee, Communication Studies Dept. chair
  • Journal of International and Intercultural Communication Editorial Board
  • International and Intercultural Communication Annual, vol. 31 Editorial Board
  • National Communication Association member
  • National Communication Association, Asian Pacific American Communication Studies Division Chair, 2005