Faculty and Staff

Loreen Olson

Loreen Olson


Office: 107 Ferguson Building


Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
M.A., University of California, Davis
B.A., St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN

Scholarly Interests

  • Interpersonal, gender, and family communication
  • The dark side of family and close relationships
  • The communication of deviance
  • Intimate partner violence
  • The luring communication of child sexual predators
  • Identities on the margins

Courses Taught

  • CST 659: Communication and Gendered Communities
  • CST 612: Family Communication and Its Dark Side
  • CST 460: Dark Side of Relational Communication
  • CST 407: Gender and Communication
  • CST 415: Family Communication
  • CST 300: Communication Theory

Scholarship and Scholarly Activity

Editor, Journal of Family Communication (1/2012-present)

Recent Publications


Olson, L. N. & Fine, M. A. (Eds.) (under contract).  Examining the darkness of family communication:   The harmful, the morally suspect, and the socially inappropriate.  Peter Lang.

Olson, L. N., Baoicchi-Wagner, E., Wilson Kratzer, J., & Symonds, S. (2012).  The dark side of family communication.  Cambridge, UK:  Polity Press.

Refereed Journal Articles:

Aubrey, J. S., Rhea, D., Olson, L. N., & Fine, M. A. (2013).  Conflict and control: Examining the association between exposure to television portraying interpersonal conflict and the use of controlling behaviors in romantic relationships.   Communication Studies 64, 106-124.

Henson, J. R., & Olson, L. N. (2010).  The monster within:  How male serial killers discursively manage their stigmatized identities.  Communication Quarterly, 58, 1-24.

Rill, L., Baiocchi, E., Hopper, M., Denker, K., & Olson, L. N. (2009).  Exploration of the relationship between self-esteem, commitment, and verbal aggressiveness in romantic dating relationships.  Communication Reports, 22, 102-113.

Aubrey, J. S., Click, M. A., Dougherty, D. S., Fine, M. A., Kramer, M. W., Meisenbach, R. J., Olson, L. N., & Smythe, M. J. (2008).  “We do babies!”  The trials, tribulations, and triumphs of pregnancy and parenting in the academy.  Women’s Studies in Communication, 31, 187-195.

Olson, L. N., Coffelt, T. A., Berlin Ray, E., Rudd, J., Botta, R., Ray, G., & Kopfman, J. (2008).  “I’m all for equal rights, but don’t call me a feminist”: Identity dilemmas in young adults’ discursive representations of being a feminist.  Women’s Studies in Communication, 31, 104-132.

Olson, L. N., Daggs, J. L., Ellevold, B. L., & Rogers, T. K. (2007).  The communication of deviance:  Toward a theory of child sexual predators’ luring communication.  Communication Theory, 17, 231-251.

Book Chapters

Coffelt, T., & Olson, L. N. (in press). No more birds and bees: A process approach to parent-child sexual communication.  Communication Yearbook.

Olson, L. N., & Rauscher, E. (in press).  “It can’t be domestic violence; We’re not married!” The many faces of intimate partner violence.  In D. O. Braithwaite & J. T. Wood (Eds.), Casing Interpersonal communication: Case studies in personal and social relationship (2nd ed.)Dubuque, IA:  Kendall Hunt.

Olson, L. N. (in press).  Violence, aggression, and abuse.  In C. Berger & M. Roloff (Eds.), International encyclopedia of interpersonal communication.  WileyBlackwell.

Olson, L. N. (2009).  Deviance and human relationships.  In H. T. Reis & S. Sprecher (Eds.),  Encyclopedia of Human Relationships. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Olson, L. N. (2009).  Relational control-motivated aggression:  A theoretical framework for identifying various types of violent couples.  In D. D. Cahn (Ed.), Family violence:  Communication processes (pp. 27-48). New Paltz, NY:  SUNY Press.

Olson, L. N. & Mobley, S. (2009).  “It can’t be domestic violence….We’re just dating”:  Keia’s story.  In E. L. Kirby & M. C. McBride (Eds.), Gender actualized: Cases in communicatively constructing realities (pp. 71-77)Dubuque, IA:  Kendall Hunt Publishing.

Social Activities

Discipline Service:

Journal Editorial Board Membership

  • Journal of Family Communication (February 2010-December 2011)
  • Journal of Applied Communication (February 2008-present)
  • Communication Monographs (February 2007-2009)
  • Communication Studies (October, 2004 – July 2012)

National Communication Association

  • Chair, Interpersonal Communication Division’s Nominating Committee (11/2012-11/2013)
  • Member, NCA’s Nominating Committee (9/2012-9/2013)
  • Member, NCA’s Gerald Miller Dissertation Award Committee (4/2011-11/2011)
  • Family Communication Division Representative to Legislative Assembly (11/2012)
  • Immediate Past Chair of the Family Communication Division (11/2011-11/2012)
  • Chair of the Family Communication Division (11/2010 – 11/2011)
  • Vice Chair of the Family Communication Division (11/2009-11/2010)
  • Vice Chair Elect of the Family Communication Division (11/2008-11/2009)
  • Member, NCA’s Doctoral Education Committee (1/1/2009-12/31/2009)
  • Member, Nomination Committee, Interpersonal Communication Division (2/2009-11/2009)
  • Member (1985, 1996-present)

Organization for Research on Women & Communication

  • Member (2005-present)

Campus and University Service

  • Member, UNCG Tuition Committee (October 2013-present)
  • A & S Representative—Honors Council of Lloyd International Honors College (2013-2016)
  • Founding Member, National Child Protection Training Center Strategic Planning Task Force (2012-present)
  • Volunteer Panelist—Academic Integrity/Conduct Hearings, UNCG Dean of Students (2012-present)
  • Member, Innovations in Interpersonal Violence Prevention Research Group (Fall 2011-present).
  • Member, Child and Family Research Network (Fall 2011-present).
  • UNCG Campus Representative, Child Abuse Curriculum Training (CAST) sponsored by the National Child Protection Training Center, Winona, MN (Summer 2012).

Supervised Student Research

  • Justine Eriksen
  • Sarah Hollingsworth
  • Kaitlyn Wood
  • James T. Hosack, JR.
  • Crystal Sutton
  • Mark Congdon
  • Bethany Barnes
  • April Wright
  • Jacqueline Downing
  • Meg Phipps
  • Connie Albert
  • Emily Campbell
  • Nicole Adamson
  • James Wheeler