Faculty and Staff

Christopher N. Poulos, Ph.D.

Professor and Department Head

Department of Communication Studies

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Office: 115 Ferguson Building
Phone: 336.334.3840
E-mail: cnpoulos@uncg.edu

I study and teach relational and family communication, family secrecy, memory, autoethnography and ethnographic methods, dialogue, philosophy of communication, communication ethics, and film.


Ph.D. Human Communication Studies, University of Denver: June, 1999. Dissertation: Leaping toward infinity: Embodied knowing and the ethical movements of communicative praxis.

M.A.  Religious Studies, University of Denver: June, 1993. Thesis: Rotations: Memory, forgetting, individuation, and intersubjectivity in selected fiction of Walker Percy.

B.A.    Philosophy and the Arts, University of Colorado: May, 1982.


CST 210 Communicating Ethically

CST 415 Family Communication

CST 416 Communication & Ethnography

CST 417 Communication & Friendship

CST 555 Relational Communication & Film

CST 612 Seminar in Autoethnography

CST 663 Relational Communication


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