B.A. Alumni Stories

Jeffrey Tanner – Class of 2014

Interpersonal communication, adaptability and team collaboration combined with the ability to communicate effectively are just a few of the skills that are taught and strengthened as a Communication Studies major. I know those skills are greatly desired in the work world because I am learning what it means to work for a brilliant organization that values personal development and those skills. Employers are searching for graduates that have these skills, and the CST department helped me build them throughout college.

I graduated from UNCG with a B. A. in Communication Studies and Spanish. I believe adding Communication Studies as a major was one of the most motivational experiences of my college career. Another was finding an internship for my CST class. I say all of that because the internship I had my senior year turned into the full time job I have now. I am a Program Coordinator for the Center for Creative Leadership. I work to recruit scholars for a leadership development program, provide logistical support, participate in a design and delivery team, and more. I can see countless skills I learned from my CST experience as they translate into my job, my work relationships, and even my personal life.

I have seen the desire to genuinely expand my communication skills as a method to push me, stretch me, and help me grow into an individual striving for challenging experiences in the communication field. UNCG’s CST department thrives to develop skills that are not only useful, but valued, and I can attest to that by my intellectual and personal experiences with the faculty and fellow CST students