M.A. Alumni Stories

Jessica Delk

Jessica Delk – Class of 2003

While obtaining my master’s degree, I served as a Graduate Assistant for the Graduate School and for the Speaking Center. I also began teaching part-time at Guilford Technical Community College. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Communication Studies, I was able to work temporarily for the Graduate School of UNCG as the assistant to the Associate Dean. I then began teaching as a lecturer in the Communication Studies department.

Later I began serving as an advisor for the College of Arts and Sciences as well as a facilitator for the UNCG TeamQUESt program. I was admitted into the PhD program in the Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations program and will be completing my dissertation in May of 2009.

The knowledge and experience I gained while earning my Communication Studies degree have played an integral role in all of my endeavors. All of my work positions have involved building helping relationships that focus on personal growth and learning. Research and analysis of effective communication have enabled me to excel in work situations and enable others to improve their own communication abilities.