B.A. Alumni Stories

Kelsey Budine – Class of 2014

I wanted to learn how to better communicate with people. I was an extrovert and could hold casual conversations, but I wanted to extend this knowledge. I wanted to learn how to effectively communicate in small groups and properly handle conflicts. Ultimately, I looked at this major and believed I would benefit from it more than the others I was interested in-and I did!

My favorite course would definitely have to be Conflict Communication taught by Dr. Kellett. This course gave me a new perspective on the conflicts that have occurred in my life. Through discussion of concepts and stories, I was able to understand the elements of why people act the way they do in conflicts. I also really enjoyed Dr. McCall’s Effective Group Communication. Knowing how to communicate with people in small groups is important in everyday life. Learning how to effectively communicate in small groups has been the most important thing I have learned at UNCG thus far.

I joined the United States Air Force, so after graduation I will be traveling to Texas for basic and technical training. While in Texas, I will be training to become a Cardiopulmonary Laboratory Specialist where I will be diagnosing and treating lung and heart diseases.


–as told to Haley Ruppard (BA, 2014)