Internships – Sample Syllabus


The purpose of CST 412 – Internship is to gain field learning experience using and/or organizational strategies in agencies and organizations within the larger community.

The course explores and promotes

  1. work site orientation
  2. exploration of business culture
  3. integration to business environment
  4. application of effective writing and communication skills

Internship Requirements

  • Completion of required number of hours. Records must be kept and signed by supervisor.
  • Completion of all internship paperwork
  • Attend one meeting of all interns under my supervision
  • Participation in and completion of scheduled Blackboard (BB) assignments
  • A journal (maintained by the student) analyzing communication experiences and learning goals.  This will help you in writing your paper.
  • A paper evaluating the internship experience in terms of how the experience connects to your course work in Communication Studies.  In other words, how does your Communication Studies background help you make sense of your internship experience?  Strive for a deep understanding of your experience by synthesizing the experience with your knowledge of communication theory and concepts.  What lessons did you learn?  The paper should include an evaluation of the internship.  Would you recommend it to others?  Why?  Why not?
    • o   APA guidelines are to be followed for citations and references
    • o   The paper should be 8-10 pages in length, excluding cover, references, appendices, etc.
    • o   The paper should include all relevant materials that you helped to create and/or present.  When appropriate, be sure to get written approval from your intern supervisor to use these materials.  (This material will be valuable for your CST Capstone course)
    • o   Paper structure
      • I. cover page with title, name, date
      • II. overview of paper
      • III. description of the primary communication projects in which you engaged
      • IV. description of internship experience discussed above