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CST 412.01 – General Communication Studies Internship

A CST internship is a hands-on learning experience where you will apply the communication theory, research, and strategies you have learned in your CST classes to organizations within the community. In addition to working on-site, there is an online course component to help you connect program concepts with your work experiences.

 CREDIT HOUR OPTIONS: 6 total credit hour limit

  • You may complete 3 credit hours (90 work hours) at one site in one semester.
    • This may be repeated another semester at the same site, or at a different one.
    • You may not attend two different sites in one semester.
  • You may complete 6 credit hours (180 work hours) at one site in one semester.
  • You may not complete more than 6 total credit hours of CST Internships for credit.


  • You must be a CST major or minor, junior or senior.
  • You must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in the major.
  • You must complete an application process to gain Instructor Permission prior to registration.


  •  Step 1: Find an internship site.
    • What contacts are available to assist my search?
      • Professional contacts – job fairs, networking contacts, informational interviews
      • Personal contacts – friends, family, church, clubs, etc.
      • UNCG Career Services – they have a listing of internship opportunities on Spartan Careers (
      • Professors may be able to provide you some leads
      • You can research: Google “Internships Greensboro” etc.
      • You can make calls to organizations in your area you are interested in and ask if they would like an intern. While ultimately finding an internship site is your responsibility. Here are some organizations seeking interns: Internship Opportunities
      • To be approved, your internship must prepare you for a career in the field of communication studies, so keep this in mind while searching.
      • You cannot use your job as an internship.
      • Unless you have received special permission in writing by the Internship Coordinator Ms. Southard, all internships must be completed face-to-face.
    • Many internship sites have an application process similar to being hired for a full-time job. Begin your search early the semester before you plan to complete an internship (March for Fall and October for Spring) to ensure your best chance of obtaining the internship you want.
      • While summer internships are an excellent opportunity and we encourage you to pursue these experiences, UNCG CST does not offer credit for summer internships due to low student demand.
    • Once you have determined your site, you will need to identify a site supervisor who is willing to complete the site supervisor responsibilities. Share this list with your potential site supervisor and make sure they are ok with it prior to applying for the class.
      • Site supervisor responsibilities include:
        • signing the work agreement/job description, SLOs, and other necessary paperwork,
        • monitoring and signing hours forms regularly,
        • ensuring students are oriented to the organization, staff, policies, etc.
        • helping student meet student learning objectives by
          • providing student with work that prepares them for a career in the field of communication studies,
          • providing student with training, resources, etc. to complete assigned tasks,
          • acting as a mentor and providing student with routine feedback on performance and expectations,
        • completing two formal evaluations of student performance at the midpoint and end of the semester.
  • Step 2: Prepare for your course approval application.
    • If you meet the above criteria and are interested in pursuing an internship opportunity:
      • Write a Letter of Interest in business letter format addressed to Ms. Southard, Internship Coordinator.
        • There are many resources available online and also at UNCG’s Career Services Center to help you format your professional letter. Your letter must include:
          • A self-introduction,
          • the site at which you plan to be an intern, who your site supervisor will be, and how many hours you have committed to complete (90 or 180),
          • if you have already completed a CST internship please mention that and then tell if this is a new site or a continuation.
          • an explanation of what CST courses you have taken and any other experiences you have that prepared you for this internship, and
          • justification for how this site and internship experiences prepare you for a future position as a communication studies professional.
      • Craft a professional email to a member of UNCG’s CST Faculty who you have had at least one course with. Ideally, you should have a good working relationship with them.
        • Indicate your interest in completing an internship and ask if they would be willing to fill out a short recommendation survey.
        • Include the link to the Internship Recommendation Survey and your completed letter of interest in the email to the faculty member.
        • Include Ms. Southard in the email.
      • Make sure your resume is up-to-date.
  • Step 3: Complete the course application for acceptance to the course.
    • Click on this CST Internship Application link and complete the Google form provided.
      • You will need to upload the items discussed above (letter and resume).
    • The final due date for completing your application is the Monday of the week before classes begin however waiting until the last minute will limit your choices of internship sites and reduce the likelihood of your obtaining a seat in the course.
  • Step 4: Application Approval
    • Once your application has been reviewed and approved and the recommendation survey has been completed by your faculty representative, you will receive an email notifying you of your ability to register for CST 412-01. You cannot register until the application process is complete.
      • If you plan to complete an internship for credit and do not complete the application process prior to your registration window, you can:
        • sign up for a backup class which you can drop after you have completed the process and enrolled in 412 or
        • leave an empty spot in your schedule until you are approved to register for 412.
    • The course is limited to 25 students and will not be over-enrolled, so the earlier you get things done, the more likely you are to obtain a seat in the course.
  • Step 5: Registering for the course.
    • Once you have been notified via email you may register for the course, log into your UNCGenie and register for the course.
    • If you are registering for 3 credit hours, your registration is complete.
    • If you are registering for 6 credit hours you will need to email Ms. Southard for instructions.
  • STEP 6: Enjoy your internship experience! 🙂
    • You will complete an online CST 412 course while working at your internship site.


For further information, email Internship Coordinator Ms. Jenny Southard at