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Study Abroad

The Department of Communication Studies (CST) participates in study abroad opportunities organized through the International Programs Center (IPC).

Communication Studies majors generally study abroad in the junior or senior year to earn credit in the major at the upper level of coursework. Other credit in general education or a minor area of study is also possible.  Popular places to study include Australia, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, South Korea with new opportunities opening as international programs at UNCG continue to develop.

See our study abroad brochure

If you wish to study during the summer in France or Spain to achieve credit for your general education foreign language requirement, contact the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

CST Study Abroad Advisor

Dr. Etsuko Kinefuchi (

Application Deadlines

Mid-September for study abroad during the following spring semester.

Mid-February for study abroad during the following fall semester.


  1. Study the Study Abroad and Exchange website of the IPC to familiarize yourself with the steps and application and other important matters (e.g., financial aid) involved in study abroad. To explore options, click “Programs by Major” then locate and click “Communication Studies.” There you will find the list of countries and schools. Research and learn about schools that interest you.
  2. Meet with a CST Study Abroad Advisor to discuss how your plans for an international experience can augment your major and career goals. This meeting is especially important if you wish to take communication courses while studying abroad and wish to know whether the credits count toward your major. We strongly encourage you to make an appointment at least a month prior to the application deadline. Bring as much information as possible about the courses you wish to take.
  3. Finalize and submit your application.