Undergraduate Courses

Number Course Title Documents
105 Introduction to Communication Studies Information
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CST 105 Textbook “Fundamentals of Oral Communication” – Available at UNCG Bookstore
200 Communication and Community  
207 Relational Communication  
210 Communicating Ethically  
300 Communication Theory  
305 Persuasion in Western Culture  
308 Organizational Communication  
315 Persuasion and Social Influence  
333 Special Problems/Independent Study  
337 Intercultural Communication  
341 Communication and Workplace Relationships  
342 Communication and Public Relations  
343 Crisis Communication  
344 Conflict Communication  
350 Small Group and Team Communication  
390 Studies in Communication Across the Curriculum  
399 Communication Research Methods  
407 Gender and Communication  
408 Health Communication  
412 Communication Internship  
415 Family Communication  
416 Communication and Ethnography: Writing Life  
417 Communication and Friendship  
420 Environmental Communication  
440 Reclaiming Democracy: Dialogue, Decision-Making, Community Action  
460 Special Topics in Communication Research  
493 Honors Work  
499 Senior Capstone  
502 The Semiotics of Everyday Life  
506 Speaking Out for Community Change  
520 African-American Culture and Identity  
540 Social Entrepreneurship: Justice and a Green Environment  
555 Relational Communication and the Hollywood Feature Film  
562 Organizational Change: Diversity and Identity  
589B Experimental Course: Communication and Health Innovation  
599 Communication Pedagogy  
601 Engaging Communication Theories  
602 Engaging Communication Research Methodology  
605 Communicating for Social Change  
612 Seminar in Communication Studies  
630 Organization, Democracy, and Community  
632 Seminar in Communication Ethics  
635 Identity, Culture, and Communication  
650 Independent Study  
652 Research Practicum in Communication  
659 Communication and Gendered Communities  
663 Seminar in Relational Communication  
698 Capstone Experience in Communication