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Joyce Ferguson Fund

This fund was created in 2010 to honor the many years of work by Joyce Ferguson in mentoring students who are interested in being teachers of Communication Studies. The funds can be used to help graduate and undergraduate students to participate in activities that develop their teaching skills and competencies.

Robert Schwartzman Fund

This fund was created in 2011 to honor Dr. Roy Schwartzman’s father. The funds can be used to help faculty and students to engage in community involved and community engaged scholarship.

Kathryn McAllister England Scholarship In Communication Studies

Kathryn McAllister England taught drama and speech at UNCG from 1942 until her retirement in 1975. Throughout her career she maintained a commitment to uphold a high level of both scholarship and performance skills in oral communication. Following her death in 1977, friends and family began a drive to provide a scholarship fund to commemorate Professor England’s contribution to the department and to the field of speech communication. In the past, students have received between $600-800 per semester. More than one award may be given depending on the interest earned that year.

David E. Johnson Scholarship

David E. Johnson was an adult student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He began his studies at UNCG at age 25 after an unproductive freshman year elsewhere while working a series of entry-level jobs. At UNCG, he enrolled in Communication Studies and earned a place in the Honors Program. Upon graduation in 1986, he continued working for a communications company; however, in 1993, with a partner, he started his own company, AmeriNet, of which he is president. The proceeds from the endowed scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student based on merit. In the past, winners have received between $500-1,000 per semester depending on the interest earned that year.

The John Andrew and Margaret E. Robinson Memorial Fellowship

The faculty in the Communication Studies Program invites letters of application for The John Andrew and Margaret E. Robinson Memorial Fellowship in Communication Studies. In 1989 Margaret Robinson established this graduate scholarship in honor of the life and work of her husband, who had a career in communications, with the US Merchant Marines, the US Army, and then AT&T. Upon Margaret Robinson’s death in 2000 her children made an additional gift to the fund and renamed it to honor both John and Margaret Robinson. The amount of the award varies depending on the interest earned that year but has been approximately $700-1,000 per semester over the past few years.

Glenn Tedford Graduate Enrichment Endowed Fund

Drs. Glenn and Tedford spent the majority of their professional careers at UNCG and were instrumental in building the Department of Communication Studies at the University. Drs. Glenn and Tedford retired in 1995 and this fund was established in honor of their significant contributions to the University. The purpose of the Glenn Tedford Graduate Enrichment Endowed Fund is to support activities of the Graduate program in Communication Studies, which may include travel to professional meetings, support for manuscript preparation, convention fees, and similar enrichment activities.

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