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Message from the Department Head

Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies! Communication is the core of human life, and communication studies offers you an unlimited terrain of challenging, intriguing, and rewarding areas to explore. Whether you are already enrolled in one of our programs or considering your options and opportunities, please use our web site to explore ways that we can connect. Your journey through this web site will clarify who we are as scholars, teachers, and practitioners. You will find out how we put our mission and values into practice, hopefully in ways that speak to you. I hope you will begin or continue your adventures in communication with us. I invite you to find your voice and your future here, as a member of our communication community.

Becoming a better communicator is a lifelong quest, and you will find mentors here eager to guide and accompany you. Communication requires constant attention, since we never perfect the art and science of understanding and interacting with others. Do you seek better ways to connect with your friends and loved ones? Have you ever wondered why you interact better with some people than with others in your job? Do you search for reasons why some messages persuade audiences while other presentations fall flat?

Communication carries consequences. If effective, it enriches and brings out the noblest aspects of humanity. If ineffective, communication can have catastrophic results. Since communication has such vital functions, we study it in a wide variety of contexts: personal relationships, organizations, social and task-oriented groups, communities, public presentations, online, and more. We do more than think about communication. We actively practice ways to use communication to uplift each other, improve our society, and develop our identities. That is why we are the first department in the nation selected by the National Communication Association to serve as the Center for Communication, Community Collaboration, and Change.

You will find that we offer B.A. and M.A. degrees in Communication Studies. Are you a current student? Please explore this site to inform and simplify your life in our department. You will encounter many helpful resources as you navigate our electronic neighborhood. Thinking about joining us as a student, faculty, or staff member? Or connecting with the department in other ways? Please browse through the material here, which will orient you to how we approach communication as the key to crafting a better world. If you are an alumnus of our undergraduate or graduate program, we would love to stay connected with you. Please let us know how you are doing! Whatever your role or interest in our department, I invite you to contact me (or one of our fine faculty or staff) directly. We are happy to answer your questions and hear your input.

All the best,

–Roy Schwartzman


Professor / Department Head
Department of Communication Studies
115 Ferguson Building
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170